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David Smith, “I’ll Be So Great for America It’ll Make Your Head Spin”

Texas artist David Smith (not to be confused with the David Smith of “Cubi”) has sculpted a metal weathervane featuring Donald Trump’s face at the top. Its title, ““I’ll Be So Great for America It’ll Make Your Head Spin” is taken from an actual Trump quote. The Trump face and the arrow directional are arranged to turn with an dollar sign extension, so that Trump is “always following the money”. Also fitting its subject, the weathervane “spins maniacally”. Though Smith appears to specialize in weathervanes and other sculpture, he does some great architectural drawings as well.

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Maxim Verehin, “Mr. Drump”

Canadian artist and illustrator Maxim Verehin has created a stunningly detailed portrait of Trump, depicted as as a wizened old man. The careful shading, produced through a digital rendering, has the effect of actually making him look more authentic than he does in his overproduced public appearances.

muerhehehe video process-

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Ilma Gore, “Make America Great Again”

Ilma Gore imagines what Trump would look like without his clothes. The Los Angeles-based artist demonstrates considerable technical skill in a lifelike work that seems perfectly proportioned – especially Trump’s masculinity. The realist style is similar to contemporary artist John Currin, who also paints aging subjects in various states of undress.

After threatened with a lawsuit for the use of Trump’s likeness, Gore made the work freely available, prompting brainstorming about how it could best be used. Gore reportedly decided to sell the work in London after she was punched in the face by an angry Trump supporter.

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Sarah Levy, “Whatever”

Sarah Levy, an artist in Portland who paints in a style similar to Lucien Freud, has created a portrait of Trump made entirely from her menstrual fluid. Even if the medium were unknown, the monochromatic quality to the work give it a remarkable visual impact. She told USA Today that the piece was prompted by outrage over Trump’s comments to Megyn Kelly.

#bloodytrump #donaldtrump #donaldtrump2016

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Kevin Bradley, “Shit Show”

Santa Monica-based graphic designer and printmaker Kevin Bradley has produced a series of political posters styled as Depression era circus advertisements. The series isn’t specifically anti-Trump, as there is a Hillary poster too, but the format does seem particularly appropriate for Trump’s candidacy.

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