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INDECLINE, “The Emporer Has No Balls”

The anarchist collective INDECLINE has installed lifesize scupltures of Donald Trump in five cities. Suggestive of sculpture by Ron Mueck or Charles Ray, Trump is depicted completely nude. Though made out of clay, concrete, rebar and resin, the piece is similar in concept to the work on paper by Ilma Gore. Trump’s pose, with his arms folded and resting on his gut, make him seem reserved and aloof. His scowl suggests he’s indifferent to his nudity as he is to the future of the country and common decency.

The work was fabricated by Joshua Monroe, a Los Vegas-based artist who has a background in set design. He worked under the alias “Ginger” to avoid backlash from Trump supporters.

The Emperor Has No Balls. Union Square, NYC #INDECLINE . . . . . (photo: @thejasongoodrich)

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Update: The original sculptures have generated so much attention that additional versions have been commissioned and are installed in Miami and New Jersey after the originals were taken down by authorities.

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Geoffrey Stein, “Trump Bankruptcy Portrait”

New York artist Geoffrey Stein has assembled a portrait of Trump comprised of papers from his bankruptcy filings. Trump has a calm expression, which is an effective in drawing attention to the business papers of Trump’s failures that Stein used for the work.

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