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Anonymous, “All Seeing Trump”

An anonymous artist has created an interactive mobile installation modeled after the Zoltar carnival game in the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. The Trump as a fortune (or misfortune) teller is complete with eyes that light up and cards that tell the user’s future. By having the machine recite Trump’s quotes nearly verbatim, the silliness of his policies is heightened. The work forces us to look at what the future would be like if Trump were President and the dark humour of this piece is something that Edward Keinholz would appreciate. The machine has its own website and an affiliated Twitter account. According to CNN, “All Seeing Trump” was fabricated by Characters Unlimited, makers of Zoltar.

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Robbie Conal, “Bully Culprit”

Veteran LA-street artist Robbie Conal has created a series of wheatpaste posters featuring a deeply textured black and white drawing of Trump. They’ve been spotted on the west coast, New York and DC. The image appears between bold lettering, giving the work an Orwellian quality.

In Washington DC, October 25

In Brooklyn. Thanks to Untapped Cities.

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