Anonymous, Trump Tombstone installation

On Easter Sunday, an artist who does not want to be acknowledged erected an installation in New York’s Central Park. Consisting of a granite tombstone with Trump’s name but no date of death, the work is something that could be done by street artists such as Swoon. The grave marker emphasizes that Trump is dead to the world in so many respects. Or, it could be taken to highlight the gap between his own limitless ego and mortal constraints. Alternatively, it could contrast the significance of Easter and Trump’s moral qualities. Reporters spoke with the artist, who was careful to conceal their anonymity, while explaining that it was performance art intended to “shake him awake”. It’s too bad it was only up for a few hours before park staff took it down. It was reported that the Secret Service was not contacted, but would this be the same if he were President?

Someone placed an actual Trump tombstone in Central Park

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Update: The artist behind the work is  Brian Andrew Whiteley, according to the New York Times coverage .

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