Artists give Ivanka the hand

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While it doesn’t mean new protest art, a movement by contemporary artists and their friends to send message Ivanka is a promising. Calling themselves the Halt Action Group, they have sought to use Ivanka interest in their work as a way to change her father’s policies.

Ivanka is an avid collector of contemporary art. From a photoshoot in Elle Decor, Ivanka has photographs by Mariah Robertson, prints by John Baldesaari, and a drawing by the late Jan Voors. According to Bloomberg , she also has art by Christopher Wool, Alex IsraelNate Lowman, Dan Colen, and  Will Boone.

The efforts targeting Ivanka have been lead  by curator Alison Gingeras, artist Jonathan Horowitz, and dealer Bill Powers, who has previously sold work to Trump. Some in the group have said they do not want to be associated with Trump and object to Ivanka having their work on her walls. Others who have voiced concerns, ranging from the Muslim registry to Trump’s treatment of women, using the “dear_ivanka” tag on posters.

Hopefully this initiative will only expand and gain more attention. If all of the artists Ivanka collects and their galleries joined the protest, it would be tough for Ivanka to enter a gallery without hearing objections about her father.
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