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Gonzalo Perez’s Trump drawings

Gonzalo Perez, a California mixed-media artist, has adapted Phillip Kremer’s photographs to paper. Perez works ingraphite, ink and video. This piece, in ink, is as compelling as the photo original.

Don Trumpozo #Drawing based off @phillip.kremer beautifully grotesque portrait of Donnie. #Ink | #Markers | #Ballpoint

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Stephanie Sarley, “Peace at Last”

Stephanie Sarley, a young artist whose works include a wide range of materials including food, has created an anti-Trump portrait that is a 2016 take on an iconic anti-feminist and anti-suffrage poster. The piece replaces the woman who is bound and gagged in the 1920s version with Trump, while carefully retaining the same coloring, styling, and title as the original.

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Why isn’t there more protest art?

The Huffington Post asks 21 artists for their thoughts about what Trump’s election means for the future of art and what role it should play over the next four years. Remarks by Zoe Buckman do a great job of explaining why more art isn’t created in response to Trump – the most significant American political event since 9/11.

As artists we need to stop making work only for gallery or museum walls, or the coffee tables of collectors. Rather, in tandem with these shows and pieces, we also need to make work for the people. For free. On billboards, train stations, public parks, etc. In order for that to happen, public art organizations need to be braver and stop highlighting work that is safe and decorative. The boards that control them need to give more power to the curators, and American cities need to lift much of the red tape that hinders and prevents artists from making challenging public art.

All these stakeholders – artists, collectors, gallerists, curators – should be looking at ways to create more Trump protest art, even if it means changing the way they usually do business.

Zoe Buckman, “Champ” (2016)

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Robbie Conal, “Bully Culprit”

Veteran LA-street artist Robbie Conal has created a series of wheatpaste posters featuring a deeply textured black and white drawing of Trump. They’ve been spotted on the west coast, New York and DC. The image appears between bold lettering, giving the work an Orwellian quality.

In Washington DC, October 25

In Brooklyn. Thanks to Untapped Cities.

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Hanksy, “Dump Trump”

American street artist Hanksy has created a wall mural featuring a turd bearing Trump’s likeness on Orchard Street in lower Manhattan. Hanksy has an affinity for using puns in his art. Although the rhyme between Trump and Dump is appropriate, though there are many other similarities between Trump and feces. Hanksy made important efforts to propagate the image, including developing a site where it can be downloaded.

Update, January 6: The mural has been painted over by the building’s owner, but the website remains up and the image continues to be widely used.

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Maxim Verehin, “Mr. Drump”

Canadian artist and illustrator Maxim Verehin has created a stunningly detailed portrait of Trump, depicted as as a wizened old man. The careful shading, produced through a digital rendering, has the effect of actually making him look more authentic than he does in his overproduced public appearances.

muerhehehe video process-

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Ilma Gore, “Make America Great Again”

Ilma Gore imagines what Trump would look like without his clothes. The Los Angeles-based artist demonstrates considerable technical skill in a lifelike work that seems perfectly proportioned – especially Trump’s masculinity. The realist style is similar to contemporary artist John Currin, who also paints aging subjects in various states of undress.

After threatened with a lawsuit for the use of Trump’s likeness, Gore made the work freely available, prompting brainstorming about how it could best be used. Gore reportedly decided to sell the work in London after she was punched in the face by an angry Trump supporter.

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Conor Collins, sketch of Trump using his statements

Conor Collins, a British artist, has created a portrait of Trump using exclusively his vile statements. The piece needs to be seen in detail to appreciate how the image – which looks like one that Trump’s campaign would use – is actually comprised of words, not pixels. This isn’t the first time the artist has worked in this style. Previously, he depicted Caitlyn Jenner using only the Twitter messages sent to the star.

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