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Artist Ilma Gore and the artist collective INDECLINE have collaborated on a work made entirely out of human blood, entitled, “RISE UP THY YOUNG BLOOD”. This isn’t the first effort at Trump protest art by either artist; both Ilma Gore and INDECLINE have separately created works featuring a naked Trump. Nor is this the first time that blood has been used as a material for Trump protest art. The new 10′ by 15′ painting is a Trump-era take on the 1911 work, “Birth of the Flag”, by Henry Mosler. The 2017 update replaces Betsy Ross and a team of seamstresses with minorities. In an interview with Vice, Gore shares that she expects this will be the first of more Trump protest art yet to come.

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DC2Standing Rock, “Deport Trump”

A newly formed artists’ collective, dc2standingrock, uses the large letter style of mid-Century postcards to draw attention to the terrors of the Trump administration. Constructed in DC’s McPherson Square park, the site of the OccupyDC protest in 2011, the work was entirely initiated and completed on inauguration day. The wavy lettering, typical of vintage postcards, draws attentions to the countless problems of the Trump administration, from ties with Russia, to environmental degradation, to defunding Planned Parenthood. Measuring over 40 feet in length, the artists hope that it will remain as long as possible. After a painting in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline, this is only the second work of these talented and creative artists.

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Cara De Angelis, “Donald Trump with a Crown of Roadkill”

Connecticut-based artist Cara De Angelis, whose technique recasts traditional still life painting with roadkill and dead animals, has created a new Trump-focused work. While the entire series shows impressive technical skill, the use of roadkill seems especially appropriate for a Trump portrait and more fitting headware than his usual hairdo or red cap.

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Rolf Groven, “Trump Painting”

Norwegian painter Rolf Groven has portrayed Trump in a satirical work that might be explicit by some American standards. The painting, currently on display in an Oslo show, takes Trumps misogyny a step further by showing him molesting the Statue of Liberty, while Clinton and Obama (wearing a turban?) look out through prison bars below.

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SEWP’s Trump paintings

Brian, a Toronto-based tattoo artist who goes by the name SEWP, has adapted Phillip Heller’s photo art into a stunning work on paper. By using the same detail for Trump’s cheeks that SEWP uses for tattoos, he emphasizes the most odious of Trump’s features, his mouth.

Small loan of one million dollars

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Jon Bass, “President Drumpf”

North Carolina artist and illustrator Jon Bass has produced a stunning work that is a vivid depiction of the raw and savage impulses at work below the well coiffed exterior. The distorted facial expressions are something that Francis Bacon might have painted, though the Jewish star is inexplicable.


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Elena Wyatt, “Blood on the Border (Great Wall of Trump)”

Tennessee-based artist Elena Wyatt has created an abstract yet evocative representation of Trump’s signature policy proposal, the border wall. With a single, red, jagged line through the center of the piece, the work is reminiscent of Barnett Newman’s paintings.  Unlike Newman’s work, the colors on both sides are starkly different and not blurred, emphasizing the harsh divide that Trump will cause.

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Geoffrey Stein, “Trump Bankruptcy Portrait”

New York artist Geoffrey Stein has assembled a portrait of Trump comprised of papers from his bankruptcy filings. Trump has a calm expression, which is an effective in drawing attention to the business papers of Trump’s failures that Stein used for the work.

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Deborah Kass, “Vote Hillary”

New York artist Deborah Kass has created an update of Andy Warhol’s anti-Richard Nixon poster. The work uses the same combination of orange, blue, and yellow as the Warhol original. Warhol is an especially appropriate subject to mimic as he has appropriated so many images himself.

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Ilma Gore, “Make America Great Again”

Ilma Gore imagines what Trump would look like without his clothes. The Los Angeles-based artist demonstrates considerable technical skill in a lifelike work that seems perfectly proportioned – especially Trump’s masculinity. The realist style is similar to contemporary artist John Currin, who also paints aging subjects in various states of undress.

After threatened with a lawsuit for the use of Trump’s likeness, Gore made the work freely available, prompting brainstorming about how it could best be used. Gore reportedly decided to sell the work in London after she was punched in the face by an angry Trump supporter.

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