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Anonymous, “All Seeing Trump”

An anonymous artist has created an interactive mobile installation modeled after the Zoltar carnival game in the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. The Trump as a fortune (or misfortune) teller is complete with eyes that light up and cards that tell the user’s future. By having the machine recite Trump’s quotes nearly verbatim, the silliness of his policies is heightened. The work forces us to look at what the future would be like if Trump were President and the dark humour of this piece is something that Edward Keinholz would appreciate. The machine has its own website and an affiliated Twitter account. According to CNN, “All Seeing Trump” was fabricated by Characters Unlimited, makers of Zoltar.

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INDECLINE, “The Emporer Has No Balls”

The anarchist collective INDECLINE has installed lifesize scupltures of Donald Trump in five cities. Suggestive of sculpture by Ron Mueck or Charles Ray, Trump is depicted completely nude. Though made out of clay, concrete, rebar and resin, the piece is similar in concept to the work on paper by Ilma Gore. Trump’s pose, with his arms folded and resting on his gut, make him seem reserved and aloof. His scowl suggests he’s indifferent to his nudity as he is to the future of the country and common decency.

The work was fabricated by Joshua Monroe, a Los Vegas-based artist who has a background in set design. He worked under the alias “Ginger” to avoid backlash from Trump supporters.

The Emperor Has No Balls. Union Square, NYC #INDECLINE . . . . . (photo: @thejasongoodrich)

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Update: The original sculptures have generated so much attention that additional versions have been commissioned and are installed in Miami and New Jersey after the originals were taken down by authorities.

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Fernando Sosa, “Butt Plug Trump”

Political sculptor and graphic designer Fernando Sosa has created butt-plug sized versions of Trump. The artist, based in Orlando Florida, fabricated the pieces using a 3-D printer. While this isn’t the first time he’s developed butt-plug versions of political leaders, the medium seems especially appropriate for Trump. In his artist’s statement, Sosa seems especially animated by Trump’s comments on immigration and has made the work widely available. “I like the mental picture of his face going into people’s asses” Sosa told the Huffington Post.

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t.Rutt, “T.RUMP Bus”

The artists collective t.Rutt has transformed a Trump bus into a mobile installation and performance art piece. The two t.Rutt artists, Mary Mihelic and David Gleeson, purchased the bus after the Trump campaign posted it for sale on Craigslist following the Iowa caucuses. The piece has more subtlety that a lot of Trump protest art, not least of all because at first glance the bus looks to be a regular Trump campaign bus. Upon closer examination, the Trump banner has been transformed to T.Rump with the slogan “Make Fruit Punch Great Again”. Gently alluding to Trump’s fascist tendencies, the side window the artists have listed some things Trump might do in his own version of “My Struggle”, including “To love myself” and “To not exploit bankruptcy”. Another window has a “manhood measuring station”.

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David Smith, “I’ll Be So Great for America It’ll Make Your Head Spin”

Texas artist David Smith (not to be confused with the David Smith of “Cubi”) has sculpted a metal weathervane featuring Donald Trump’s face at the top. Its title, ““I’ll Be So Great for America It’ll Make Your Head Spin” is taken from an actual Trump quote. The Trump face and the arrow directional are arranged to turn with an dollar sign extension, so that Trump is “always following the money”. Also fitting its subject, the weathervane “spins maniacally”. Though Smith appears to specialize in weathervanes and other sculpture, he does some great architectural drawings as well.

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James Osterer, “Emotion Download”

British sculptor and photographer James Osterer has created a compelling effigy of Trump, made almost entirely out of animal parts. Although only a photo of the sculpture was displayed at his Hong Kong show, it was crafted by using pig, fish, and other animal parts to create a monstrosity as grotesque as its subject. This isn’t the first time that Osterer has worked with food, but for Trump the medium is especially fitting.

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