Nadav Kander’s portrait of Trump

The Time magazine cover has been widely interpreted as portraying Trump as a devil because of the placement of the “M” above his head. Yet this isn’t the first time a Time Person of the Year image could be construed this way. More interesting are the many other subversive elements in the work by the London-based photographer Nadav Kander. Journalist and critic Jake Romm identifies other features as subversive, including the chair, the pose, and the color.

#critiques There has been quite a bit of writing reviewing and critiquing my portrait of Donald Trump seen on the cover of Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year issue. “Perfect” I say because any writing that demonstrates enquiry sheds light onto the many layers a good piece of work should have. It at once promotes others to think more about what they see around them (hard with the amount of popular imagery coming at us from every direction) and it shows the possibility that we can deepen into work we look at and let our own personal story give up its secrets and feel emotion triggered by what it sees (if of course this interests you). Some excellent writing can beautifully suggest and unlock a thought trail you’d never imagined before. The more of this the better, because your interest and knowledge becomes more acute. So bring it on! What I miss from a lot of this writing is a simple “in my view” put at the beginning or the end of a sentence occasionally. I mind this because it’s you and only you that hold the narrative to the picture and therefore another’s truth may not be yours. There is no dictionary that defines the meaning of a photograph, just a viewers view. I try with all my image making to leave the ‘door open’ so a viewer can come in and feel around for themselves. A glance back by a sitter might mean one thing to one person and something so different to another, just because, as said above, our life stories are so different from one to another. I looked to make a portrait that respects this crossroad in history with no political view of my own. Thank you for so much positive feedback. #trump #timemagazine #portrait @time

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