Shepard Fairey, “Demagogue”

American graphic artist Shepard Fairey, who is responsible for what is the most recognizable image from the 2008 election cycle, has produced a new work labeling Donald Trump for what he is – a demogogue. The anti-Trump poster appears to use similar materials to the iconic Hope poster. In a move that Fairey told CNN is inspired by Orwell’s 1984, the work focuses on his mouth, the tool for Trump’s demagoguery. Developed in collaboration with the band Franz Ferdinand which has a song by the same name, the bold work is signature Fairey.

I’ve been a big fan of the band #FranzFerdinand since they first hit the scene in 2003. I met the Franz guys at a gig in L.A. a few years ago and mentioned I’d be excited to collaborate if the opportunity should arise. That moment has arrived, and it coincides with a mutual desire to block a certain demagogue from ever arriving at the White House. I’m incredibly proud that Alex reached out to me to collaborate on an image for possibly the bands’ first overtly political song “Demagogue.” I listened to the song and considered my thoughts about #Trump as a sociopath and a destructive force in politics and society. Listen to the song (link in bio), look at the art, and search your own conscience for where you stand on the politics of fear and division versus the politics of hope and inclusion. If you feel as I do, that Trump is terrible for America and the rest of the world, vote and speak your mind. Every act of moral courage makes a difference. Thanks for caring! – Shepard 18 inches x 24 inches #ScreenPrint on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by #ShepardFairey. Numbered edition of 500. $60. Available Tuesday, 10/18/16 at 10am PST on in PRINTS. This song and print are released in conjunction with @30days30songs. Proceeds will benefit the @populardemocracy and their efforts towards Universal Voting Rights.

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