Why isn’t there more protest art?

The Huffington Post asks 21 artists for their thoughts about what Trump’s election means for the future of art and what role it should play over the next four years. Remarks by Zoe Buckman do a great job of explaining why more art isn’t created in response to Trump – the most significant American political event since 9/11.

As artists we need to stop making work only for gallery or museum walls, or the coffee tables of collectors. Rather, in tandem with these shows and pieces, we also need to make work for the people. For free. On billboards, train stations, public parks, etc. In order for that to happen, public art organizations need to be braver and stop highlighting work that is safe and decorative. The boards that control them need to give more power to the curators, and American cities need to lift much of the red tape that hinders and prevents artists from making challenging public art.

All these stakeholders – artists, collectors, gallerists, curators – should be looking at ways to create more Trump protest art, even if it means changing the way they usually do business.

Zoe Buckman, “Champ” (2016)

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